Months Later… Punk to Peer is Published!

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Check out the results of these ruminations in the online journal Infinity Journal, based out of the UK. A short version of From Punk to Peer was published in the journal in September.

Read the PDF here.

Check out the research piece and other IJ articles here.


Calendar Entry: (SF Events) Crime & CC Film Screening!

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Tomorrow in SF: “RiP: A Remix Manifesto” screening + Eclectic Method dance party

Eric Steuer, July 22nd, 2009


If you’ll be in the San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow night (Thursday, July 23), please join us for a screening of RiP: A Remix Manifesto, the acclaimed new documentary about remix culture, copyright, Girl Talk, Lawrence Lessig, Gilberto Gil, Cory Doctorow, and others. The film (released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license) is being presented by the San Francisco Film Society at Mezzanine (444 Jessie St.); doors open at 7pm and the screening begins at 7:30. RiP’s director, Brett Gaylor, will be in attendance to discuss the film and take questions. Members of the CC staff will be there too – please come by and say hi.

After the screening, DJs Adrian and the Mysterious D from Bootie SF will get the second part of the night – a dance party! – started with a live set of their awesome remixes and mash-ups. They’ll be followed by the incredible VJ crew Eclectic Method, who will rock the house with a live video remix set incorporating samples from movies, television, video games, found footage, and all kinds of visual randomness.

The event is open to people 21 years of age and older. Tickets (available here) are $12 for SFFS members and $17 for non-members. More information is available on the San Francisco Film Society’s website.




San Francisco’s Doomed lineup

20 07 2009

Close to final lineup!

This fest is a benefit for MRR and for a new all-ages show space that is being set up in San Francisco

Shows are $5, start at 8pm, and are all ages unless noted as 21+

Wednesday 12th – Sunday 16th of August 2009Back Cover


News Update: the Pirate Party

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From PSP World:

Sweden’s Pirate Party Wins Seat in Euro Parliament

By Kris Erickson | Posted on Jun 14, 2009

… “The Pirate Party currently has more than 50,000 official members, making it the third-largest political party in Sweden. It will be interesting to see whether the success of Falkvinge’s group spreads beyond Europe, and what significance this has for the video game industry.”

With the plethora of recent news articles surrounding Sweden’s Piratepartiet, It will be interesting to see how this affects the video game industry…and clearly the music industry and cultural producers in general. What might be more interesting is how this resonates in the United States. Seemingly on par with such organizations as the Open Content Alliance’s Internet Archive Project and the P2P Foundation‘s concept of Copyleft, this Pirate Party movement could see some serious shifts in cultural production the near future.

Punk to Peer – The Playlist

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Here is the link for the interweb version of the Punk to Peer playlist. The playlist was distributed via CD in a zine I created for my thesis presentation.

More on the zine and the bands to come…

It’s All Happening…

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Calendar Entry: Goteblüd Opening!

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Zinesters! Goteblud is opening for business in the Mission equipped with vintage zines and other publications. I have not been, but I hope it rocks.

From the site:

Grand opening party May 8th, 2009 from 7-9pm – be there!!

Goteblüd is a gallery/store located at 766 Valencia, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

We buy/sell vintage fanzines and underground magazines and also have
periodic shows related to self-publishing.

Goteblüd is also the home of Goteblüd Comics, publisher of Wuvable Oaf.

Store hours are weekends only, Sat/Sun 12-5pm.

Bring your cat.

From Punk to Peer: Leaders?

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In reading Paul B Hartzog’s paper, 21ST CENTURY GOVERNANCE AS A COMPLEX
, from his Panarchy website, I extracted the following excerpt to further elaborate (either to contextualize or problematize…) one the arguments on which my research hinges:

As Steven Johnson describes in “The Myth of the Queen Ant,”
humans have traditionally looked for “rulers” in ordered
systems, “pacemakers” that are responsible for the maintenance
of order. In addition, we look for such primary causers in other
systems, from terrorist networks to fads to mass demonstrations
to peer-to-peer file-sharing. However, “we know now that
systems like ant colonies don’t have real leaders, that the very
idea of an ant ‘queen’ is misleading. But the desire to find
pacemakers in such systems has always been powerful….”[6].
In complex adaptive systems, though, organizers are entirely
unnecessary when the structure of the system follows certain
parameters. These parameters determine whether a system will
self-organize or not, into a state which Per Bak calls “selforganized
criticality”[7]. In highly interconnected systems,
when conditions permit, order can emerge spontaneously, what
Stuart Kauffman calls “‘order for free.’ – self-organization that
arises naturally”[8]. Indeed, what Complexity reveals is that
sometimes the system itself is the organizer of order.

In the social formation of subcultural non-mainstream activity, I specifically argue that figures such as Dirk Dirksen were central to the proliferation of this activity. When thinking of the post-’77 scene, how does Hartzog’s analysis play into – say – the magnanimous increase of zine production in the ’80s? …

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