SF Article on Music circa dot-com…


2003, by Josh Wilson

“Though the ’90s-era Mission was home to a thriving community, it did not occur in a vacuum. Tangential happenings and institutions flourished, part of a confluence of and infrastructure for homegrown, urban, do-it-yourself creativity. KFJC, KALX, KZSU, and KUSF (where this writer DJs) delivered the emerging soundtrack of the era to Bay Area listeners starved for adventurous music. Burning Man was still a lawless punk-pyro and machine-art utopia, and San Francisco Art Institute superheroine Warrior Girl’s 24-Hour Community Spacewalk orchestrated a colossal, simultaneous display of interactive, round-the-clock art, music, and performance on dozens of street corners in the Mission and South of Market for two years running. “

But even as the community gathered momentum, things began to disintegrate.


“I think it was a plan…. Slowly but surely you watched all the police and the officials align to ‘clean up the Mission’ by getting rid of the riff-raff” and making room for expensive real estate development, Shagawat said. “They started by closing the Komotion. The man who ran Komotion, Jeff Mann, was a genius and an awesome guy, and he was so devastated by it. He was very hip to the politics way before me and was warning me and telling me this was going down.”


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